Our team is comprised of former lawyers and investment professionals with extensive experience building businesses, leading complex restructurings and litigations, managing portfolios in distressed investments, and creating value for stakeholders. We leverage this collective experience to bring an investor-focused, IRR-maximizing approach to all our roles. 


  • Litigation Trustee
  • Liquidation Trustee
  • Independent Examiner
  • General Unsecured Creditors Trustee
  • Plan Administration

Board of directors

  • Independent Board Service
    • Pre-Reorganization
    • Post-Reorganization
    • Strategic Restructurings 
  • Activist Shareholder Representation
  • Audit / Compensation / Governance Committee Experience


  • Creditor Committee Representation
  • Creditor Designee
  • Fiscal Agent
  • Stakeholder Appointed Board Observer
Drivetrain has been appointed to these roles by companies pre- and post-reorganization, chapter 11 debtors-in-possession, financial sponsors, individual creditors, and creditor groups.